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Ah cool! I love all kids of drinks. Mostly like sour drinks (not any milk drinks though. Yuck). And I’m not a fan of beer either.

I’m sure I’d like more drinks, but I just haven’t had much opportunity to go try stuff. I don’t really want to try anything with milk in it though. That has always sounded absolutely disgusting to me. I am somewhat limited in what I can drink because certain things that are acidic don’t sit well with my stomach.



Earlier this week, Bastille unveiled their video for ‘Oblivion’ featuring a familiar face for Game of Thrones fans in the form of Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark.

Digital Spy caught up with the band to discuss the new video and find out the answer to the highly-important question of…

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if you sing along to Bastille and you’re not trying to do the british accent you’re lying to yourself.

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Okay so I usually don’t do them but I’m on vacation so why not

Stormer selfie Friday featuring the pre-fireworks selfie (that my mom caught me taking) and a picture I took with my sister that she told me to crop her out of because she looks like a raccoon

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What do you prefer to drink? :)

I like pink moscato wine and vodka is good. I’m not a huge fan of beer, but I’m willing to try stuff.


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You’ve never been drunk? :o oh I’ve been all kids of drunk xD not all good once though. Like, tequila drunk. Hahha not good.

Nope! I’m not a huge drinker so I normally only have like one drink every week or two. That and I’ve found/tried few things that I actually like.

Do you think that your 16 year old daughter hasn’t masturbated already? Like, do you really think there’s anything in that scene that this chick hasn’t already tried when the lights go out at night, or in the bathroom, or in the tub, or with the shower head or something like that? I’m telling you, man, I’m not teaching this broad anything new. If I were to create a rating system, I wouldn’t even put murder right at the top of the chief offenses. I would put rape right at the top, and assault against women. Because it’s so insanely overused and insulting how much it’s overused in movies as a plot device, a woman in peril. That, to me, is offensive, yet that shit skates.
-Kevin Smith (director) on the ridiculousness of movies about sex receiving NC-17 ratings while extremely violent movies get by with R ratings.  (via idioticteen)

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Hihi yes. Dan is definitely a child when he’s drunk. He laughs at like anything. And he’s just so darn adorable I wanna squish his cheeks. ^^)

I want to squish his cheeks anyway, but he might actually let me if I catch him when he’s drunk! I feel like that would be me though. I’ve never been drunk but I feel like I’ll either laugh or cry at everything.

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I’ll happily come with you and use my “superpower” (not really though) to charm us in anywhere we want hihi. It’s so much fun to see them drunk :) And I just wanna have drunken conversations with Dan ^^)

I like drunken conversations with most people because they’re so honest, but also a bit ridiculous. And because many people turn in to giant children when they are drunk and I just find that hilarious.


I was recently left a signed Truman Capote book with the directions to give it to someone who I loved and was very important to me. It all fell into place that the person I wanted to give it to loves the author.

I gave Matty the book and he was literally the loveliest person about it.
He didn’t want to take it at first but then be accepted why I wanted him to have it. He kept hugging me and he was so genuine. We talked for about 5/10 minutes and it was amazing.
My friend took 26 pictures of the entire event, but here are a few.
He also took a letter I wrote and said I had given him something so important and something he’d cherish, so he’d make sure he read it. Plus he wrote out some of the lyrics for my tattoo.
He had to sing out the lyrics, bless him, cause he couldn’t remember the way the lyrics went. It was an amazing experience. 

‘I’ve got you a book!’
‘Truman Capote’
‘And it signed’
‘Oh my god, darling, by who?’
‘…truman capote’

(apologies for my diar appearance!) 

and thankyou to Em for taking all these pictures: ichliebem0de (she drew amazing portraits of the lads!)

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Haha yes! It was amazing. And Greg was there. And it was just to damn cool. And Ralph was a bit wasted and so hilarious!!! I guess I just charmed the heck out of the security guard ;p haha

Maybe I’ll just take you to any future gigs and you can charm us in ;P 

I would love to see all of them drunk! And I’ve said it before (and I guess I’m about to say it again), but I just want to consume his techniques. That is exactly how I phrased it and I still think it’s appropriate.


matt healy and ross macdonald spamming my phone with their faces 

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and now some white wine


Hahaha! Thank you Mims! I’m gonna go have a glass myself when I get home (only mine is pink, not white)

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I was so mind-fucked that he was actually there. Like just a lil bit away from me. Like how does that even happen??? (And just the fact that I got in in the first place. Like wow!

I would die if I just randomly ran into him like that (okay it wasn’t super random, but random enough). And it’s so wicked that you got let in for free! I want to meet this security guy and see if he’ll let me in to anything else for free.